Planning a teenage boy's go-karting party

Posted on: 1 July 2016


Teenage boys can sometimes struggle to find a venue for a birthday party, as they are too old for many children's party venues but are not old enough for bars and nightclubs. An outing such as go-karting can be a good option, as it gives the partygoers a chance to do a new activity and get out some competitive energy in a fun way. 

Check the age and height requirements

Some go-karting venues have both age and height restrictions depending on the type of go-karts that they have on offer. It's a good idea to check these and aim for a party that is OK for your boy's youngest and smallest friend. Once you know the restrictions it's a good idea to note these on the invite so that any parents who are bringing along younger siblings of the guests as well know that they won't be able to participate. 

Plan some food and drink

Teenage boys have a legendary appetite for food and drink. It's a good idea to work out if the go-kart venue has food options on site or if you can bring in outside foods. Although the guests are getting older it's a still a good idea to ask for any dietary restrictions so that you can make sure all of the guests are able to have enough to eat. 

Bring some prizes

While it might not take too much to get the kids competing on the track it can be extra fun to bring some prizes. You can bring along some medals or trophies as keepsakes, or bags of lollies and treats to keep the kids going. Rather than a single winner for the day you can have a range of prizes for funniest crash, most dramatic braking or slowest off the start line to help keep things light and fun for the day.

Share the photos

The guests will be eager to share some memories of their day with friends and family. Venues often have fixed cameras set up at different points on the track to grab views you wouldn't be able to see trackside. Be sure to get a copy of these shots to circulate to the guests. They'll love seeing the shots and being able to tag themselves in their favourite shots. 

Go-karting can be lots of fun for teenage boys as a party activity. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your teenage son's birthday why not call the go-karting arena and explore the options?