• 3 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Pinball Machine From Sounding Too Loud for Your Bar

    Pinball machines can make a great addition to a bar. On top of bringing more people in and providing you with an extra bit of cash at the end of each day, they're great at making an establishment seem a little livelier. Unfortunately, it's possible that a pinball machine might make your bar feel a little too lively. When the place is full, you'll barely be able to hear it; when things are slower, a pinball machine can sound quite loud.
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  • Planning a teenage boy's go-karting party

    Teenage boys can sometimes struggle to find a venue for a birthday party, as they are too old for many children's party venues but are not old enough for bars and nightclubs. An outing such as go-karting can be a good option, as it gives the partygoers a chance to do a new activity and get out some competitive energy in a fun way.  Check the age and height requirements
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  • Tarot for Beginners: How to Use Your Intuition

    When you are first starting to learn to read the tarot, the idea of having to learn the meaning of each card can be daunting. But while each of the cards in a tarot pack have an individual meaning, which will be listed in guides to tarot, it isn't necessary for you to memorise the meaning of each card before you begin. Below we look at various techniques that will allow you to perform readings using just your intuition.
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